Launchpad Cleaner

Launchpad Cleaner

LaunchpadCleaner is a simple and effective tool for keeping your Mac OS X Launchpad organised.

Download Launchpad Cleaner 2.7



Download LaunchpadCleaner 2.7



Standard Pro
Price FREE 5 Licenses
for only $4.99 !
Delete any App Icon
Delete Container & Child Icons
Edit Icon Label
Edit Container Label
1st page only
Delete Container Contents
Edit Container Contents
Create Empty Container
( OS X Lion only!
Mountain Lion no longer allows empty groups)
Put Icons into Alphabetical Order!
Create Backup
Export launchpad Layout to disk
import backup from another Mac!
Restore Backup
Select All Icons and Groups
Deselect All Icons and groups
Developed with the help of a
purring cat

(To upgrade – run the app and click on the Upgrade to Pro button!)

Safe Application
LaunchpadCleaner is safe to use. it doesn't uninstall or delete any of your applications from your computer, it simply removes shortcuts from Launchpad.
If you change your mind, you can re-add all icons with a single click.

Download LaunchpadCleaner

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